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Reduce Fuel Consumption & Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Strengthen Our Economy. Protect Our Environment. Improve Family Budgets.

It's everyone's responsibility.

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Whether you are a consumer trying to minimize your family budget, a trucking or transportation fleet trying to be as competitive as possible, or an automotive business seeking to increase your bottom line the FUELMiser® MPX Fuel Conditioning System can provide you with tremendous financial benefits while significantly improving our environment through the reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Conserving fuel has become increasingly important, and smart companies are creating new technology to help reduce consumption. In fact, a leading tire company like Michelin Tires now offers special tires that get better mileage to reduce the use of fuel.

family auto GM Dealer trucks @ dock limo
Reduced Fuel Costs by
$300-$750 per year.
Increased Bottom Line
by saving your
customers money.
Improved MPG provides
savings of
$4,000 to $7,000 per truck
Green your Bottom Line
while greening your fleet.


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